Product of La Roncaia

The prestige of an emotion

An exclusive place of meditation, of pondered experience consolidated through the slow cycle of the unfolding seasons, when each everyday deed has the sanctity of a ritual and is perfectly in keeping with the muted anticipation in the air. Not far from the fine vineyards of Cergneu di Nimis is the La Roncaia cellar, a place that lives in perfect harmony with its surroundings, just as the stone of its walls blends naturally into the landscape.

Here, there are people who know everything about the slow, fascinating process of ageing wine in French oak barrels. They work tirelessly, applying their ancient skills to the vines and their precious harvest, picked in peak condition and selected by hand to achieve wines of excellence. Wines that ferment at a controlled temperature to enhance the aromas of grapes typical of an exclusive territory. Long maceration to extract body and structure, distinctive characteristics of our native vines. Grapes carefully dried to highlight the qualities of these rare jewels of Friulian wine-making.

There is a wonderful atmosphere evocative of the past, like the majestic ruins of an ancient castle reached by an enchanted path through the woods. A journey of discovery through the captivating beauty of a place permeated with the essence of its people: strong, willing, hard-working yet also generous, hospitable, carefree. The same qualities seen in the people who made the cellar in Cergneu their raison d’être, a way of channelling their vital energy into a passion that pays no heed to time, haste, impatience. This is how La Roncaia wines are created, born of love and the constant pursuit of perfection.