Product of Marchesato degli Aleramici

In the middle of Montalcino town tradition

The Winery MARCHESATO DEGLI ALERAMICI , established in 1986, near Siena, in Montalcino town where you will find our estate “Il Galampio”. 

Situated in the locality known as "Pian delle Vigne" this ancient farm is located on a gentle slope that descends from the state forest down towards the Ombrone river. 

The east and west facing vineyards and olive groves are close to the old farm. Approximately 47 hectares in all ( 117 acres), 14 hectares ( 35 acres), are planted with vines. 

The Sienese district, to which Montalcino belongs, is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in the world.

In this context, it is produced the Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino.The production of this famous wine is limited to the municipality of Montalcino. Grape variety is Sangiovese Grosso. 9 hectares of Brunello are grown in the estate " IL GALAMPIO". 

A long time ago, even before these illustrious wine were produced, "IL GALAMPIO" farm, made a very special red wine from the same vine as the nowadays Brunello, our Galampio Rosso.

Since 2008, the farm Il Galampio is located inside of the Natural Reserve, called "Il BOGATTO"