la Roncaia - Ramandolo

Made exclusively from grapes of a native vine, Verduzzo Friulano.


An enchanting amber yellow, a captivating aroma of candied fruit and chestnut honey, a smooth, velvety, softly tannic palate in which to lose oneself. This is Ramandolo. This DOCG wine is made from Verduzzo Friulano grapes grown on the Ramandolo hills. The grapes are late-harvested (end of October) and then undergo a skilled drying process. Aged in oak barriques for over 12 months.

*Vinification: the grapes are harvested in mid- October and raisined for 8 weeks. They are destemmed and crushed to obtain a rich, majestic must. Fermentation takes place in Allier barriques for 9 months with battonages every 3 days. After racking and assemblage in late summer, the cuvèe is put back in the same barriques for 12 months to achieve the right balance before bottling. The ageing in the bottle lasts about 6 months.

Data sheet

Origin estate vineyards in the Ramandolo DOCG
Grapes 100% Verduzzo Friulano
Vinification *see the description
Appearance amber yellow
Nose very intense, wide and complex, with suggestive essences of dried fruit and clear scents of chestnut honey
Palate well-rounded, strong, with the right balance of acidity, residual sugar and tannins. Extremely long-lasting
Alcoholic strength 12,5% vol
Ideal serving temperature 12-13 ̊C
Pairings an excellent wine to accompany either mature - blue cheese or foie gras. Also a wonderful sipping wine
Classification Ramandolo DOCG
Soil and vineyard marly soil of Eocene origin. The grapes are grown in vineyards of various ages, with 4.200 single Guyot-trained vines per hectare